Mail::factory() – creates a mailer instance


require_once 'Mail.php';

object &factory ( string $backend , array $params = array() )


Creates a instance of a backend-specific mailer class.


  • string $backend - the name of the backend "mail","smtp", "sendmail"

  • array $params - a array of backend specific parameters.

    List of parameter for the backends

    • mail

      • If safe mode is disabled, $params will be passed as the fifth argument to the PHP mail() function. If $params is an array, its elements will be joined as a space-delimited string.

    • sendmail

      • $params["sendmail_path"] - The location of the sendmail program on the filesystem. Default is /usr/bin/sendmail.

      • $params["sendmail_args"] - Additional parameters to pass to the sendmail. Default is -i.

    • smtp

      • $params["host"] - The server to connect. Default is localhost.

      • $params["port"] - The port to connect. Default is 25.

      • $params["auth"] - Whether or not to use SMTP authentication. Default is FALSE.

      • $params["username"] - The username to use for SMTP authentication.

      • $params["password"] - The password to use for SMTP authentication.

      • $params["localhost"] - The value to give when sending EHLO or HELO. Default is localhost

      • $params["timeout"] - The SMTP connection timeout. Default is NULL (no timeout).

      • $params["verp"] - Whether to use VERP or not. Default is FALSE.

      • $params["debug"] - Whether to enable SMTP debug mode or not. Default is FALSE.

        Mail internally uses Net_SMTP::setDebug .

      • $params["persist"] - Indicates whether or not the SMTP connection should persist over multiple calls to the send() method.

      • $params["pipelining"] - Indicates whether or not the SMTP commands pipelining should be used.

Return value

object - a specific Mail instance or a PEAR_Error object on failure.


Possible PEAR_Error values
Error code Error message Reason Solution
NULL "Unable to find class for driver xxx" Mailer backend class was not found. Check the $backend parameter, if correct reinstall and/or update your Mail package.


This function should be called statically.