Introduction – Introduction to XML_DTD

Introduction to XML_DTD

XML_DTD is able to parse a document type definition (DTD) file and validate XML documents according to this DTD. A DTD is the grammar of an XML application, it consist of rules that declare how tags have to be nested and which attributes may be used in the tags.

If you want to learn how to create a DTD, you should take a look at the W3C.

XML_DTD consits of three parts:

  • XML_DTD_Parser, which will parse a DTD file and return an XML_DTD_Tree object

  • XML_DTD_XmlValidator, which validates an XML document using a DTD file

  • XML_DTD_XmlParser, which will parse a XML file to determine its skeleton, that is, which elements it contains and how they are linked together.

If you validate an XML_Document using XML_DTD_XmlValidator, it will automatically parse the DTD file and create an XML_DTD_Tree from it.