XML_sql2xml::XML_sql2xml – Constructor


require_once "XML/sql2xml.php";

void XML_sql2xml::XML_sql2xml ( mixed $dsn = null , string $root="root" )


The Constructor can take a Pear::DB Data Source Name (DSN) and will then connect to the database; or a PEAR::DB object handle, if you already connected the database before. Providing sql-strings will not work.

If you provide only a DSN, you have to add a DB_result object, SQL statement or an array later.

The $root parameter is used, if you want to provide another name for your root-tag than <root>. If you give an empty string (""), there will be no root element created here, but only when you add a resultset, array or SQL Statement. And the first tag of this result is used as the root tag.


  • mixed $dsn - PEAR::DB "data source name" or DB_common object

  • string $root - the name of the XML-root element.


This function can be called statically.


Using XML_sql2xml()

= new xml_sql2xml("mysql://root@localhost/xmltest");
$sql2xml->Add("select * from bands");