XML_Util::attributesToString() – create XML attribute string


require_once 'XML/Util.php';

string XML_Util::attributesToString ( array $attributes , boolean $sort = true , boolean $multiline = false , string $indent = ' ' , string $linebreak = "\n" , integer $entities = XML_UTIL_ENTITIES_XML )


create string representation of an attribute list


  • array $attributes - assoc array containg attributes

  • boolean $sort - whether to sort the attributes alphabetically

  • boolean $multiline - whether to display the attributes on more than one line (makes it easier to read)

  • string $indent - indentation characters, only used when multiline is set to TRUE

  • string $linebreak - linebreak character, only used when multiline is set to TRUE

  • integer $entities - define, which entities should be replaced in the attribute values. One of XML_UTIL_ENTITIES_NONE, XML_UTIL_ENTITIES_XML, XML_UTIL_ENTITIES_XML_REQUIRED or XML_UTIL_ENTITIES_HTML

Return value

string string representation of the attributes


This function should be called statically.