(PECL amqp >= Unknown)

AMQPChannel::qosSet the Quality Of Service settings for the given channel


public void AMQPChannel::qos ( int $size , int $count )

Specify the amount of data to prefetch in terms of window size (octets) or number of messages from a queue during a AMQPQueue::consume() or AMQPQueue::get() method call. The client will prefetch data up to size octets or count messages from the server, whichever limit is hit first.

Setting either value to 0 will instruct the client to ignore that particular setting.

A call to AMQPChannel::qos() will overwrite any values set by calling AMQPChannel::setPrefetchSize() and AMQPChannel::setPrefetchCount().

If the call to either AMQPQueue::consume() or AMQPQueue::get() is done with the AMQP_AUTOACK flag set, the client will not do any prefetching of data, regardless of the QOS settings.



The window size, in octets, to prefetch.


The number of messages to prefetch.


Throws AMQPConnectionException if the connection to the broker was lost.

Return Values

Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.