Networking on Mobile devices.
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Networking on Mobile devices.

iOS and Android

Networking for mobile devices (iOS / Android)

Unity iOS/Android Networking engine is fully compatible to Unity Networking, so all your networking code should work on iOS/Android devices. However you may want to re-engineer your code and adapt it for Wi-Fi or even cellular networks. Moreover depending on the mobile, the networking chip may also be the bottleneck as even in high performance Wi-Fi networks pings between mobile devices (or between the mobile device and the desktop) are about 40-60 ms.

Using Networking you can create a game that can be played simultaneously from desktop and iOS over Wi-Fi or cellular networks. In latter case your game server should have public IP (accessible through internet).

Note: EDGE / 3G data connections go to sleep very quickly when no data is sent. Thus sometimes you may need to "wake-up" networking. Just make WWW class connection to your site (and yield until it finishes) before making Unity networking connection..

Page last updated: 2010-09-10