ShaderLab syntax: GrabPass
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ShaderLab syntax: GrabPass

GrabPass is a special passtype - it grabs the contents of the screen where the object is about to be drawn into a texture. This texture can be used in subsequent passes to do advanced image based effects.


The GrabPass belongs inside a subshader. It can take two forms:

Additionally, GrabPass can use Name and Tags commands.


Here is an expensive way to invert the colors of what was rendered before:

Shader "GrabPassInvert" {
    SubShader {
        // Draw ourselves after all opaque geometry
        Tags { "Queue" = "Transparent" }

        // Grab the screen behind the object into _GrabTexture
        GrabPass { }

        // Render the object with the texture generated above, and invert it's colors
        Pass {
            SetTexture [_GrabTexture] { combine one-texture }

This shader has two passes: First pass grabs whatever is behind the object at the time of rendering, then applies that in the second pass. Now of course, the same effect could be achieved much cheaper using an invert blend mode.

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