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Interactive Cloth

The Interactive Cloth class is a Component that simulates a "cloth-like" behavior on a mesh. Use this Component if you want to use cloth in your scene.

Interactive cloth in the scene view and its properties in the inspector.


Interactive Cloth

Bending StiffnessBending stiffness of the cloth.
Stretching StiffnessStretching Stiffness of the cloth.
DampingDamp cloth motion.
Use GravityShould Gravity affect the cloth simulation?.
External AccelerationA constant, external acceleration applied to the cloth
Random AccelerationA random, external acceleration applied to the cloth
MeshMesh that will be used by the interactive cloth for the simulation
ThicknessThe thickness of the cloth surface.
FrictionThe friction of the cloth.
DensityThe density of the cloth.
PressureThe pressure inside the cloth/
Collision ResponseHow much force will be applied to colliding rigidbodies?.
Attachment Tear FactorHow far attached rigid bodies need to be stretched, before they will tear off.
Attachment ResponseHow much force will be applied to attached rigidbodies?.
Tear FactorHow far cloth vertices need to be stretched, before the cloth will tear.
Attached CollidersArray that contains the attached colliders to this cloth
Self CollisionWill the cloth collide with itself?.

The Interactive Cloth Component depends of the Cloth Renderer Component, this means that this component cannot be removed if the Cloth Renderer is present in the Game Object.

Cloth Renderer

Cast ShadowsIf selected the cloth will cast shadows
Receive ShadowsThe cloth can receive Shadows if enabled
Lightmap IndexThe index of the lightmap applied to this renderer.
Lightmap Tiling OffsetThe tiling & offset used for lightmap.
MaterialsMaterials that the cloth will use.
Pause When Not VisibleIf selected, the simulation will not be calculated when the cloth is not being rendered by the camera.

Adding an Interactive Cloth Game Object

To add an Interactive Cloth in the scene just select GameObject->Create Other->Cloth.


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