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Lens Flare

Lens Flares simulate the effect of lights refracting inside camera lens. They are used to represent really bright lights or, more subtly, just to add a bit more atmosphere to your scene.

The Lens Flare Inspector

The easiest way to setup a Lens Flare is just to assign the Flare property of the Light. Unity contains a couple of pre-configured Flares in the Standard Assets package.

Otherwise, create an empty GameObject with GameObject->Create Empty from the menu bar and add the Lens Flare Component to it with Component->Rendering->Lens Flare. Then and choose the Flare in the Inspector.

To see the effect of Lens Flare in the Scene View, check the Fx button in the Scene View toolbar:

Enable the Fx button to view Lens Flares in the Scene View


FlareThe Flare to render. The flare defines all aspects of the lens flare's appearance.
ColorSome flares can be colorized to better fit in with your scene's mood.
BrightnessHow large and bright the Lens Flare is.
DirectionalIf set, the flare will be oriented along positive Z axis of the game object. It will appear as if it was infinitely far away, and won't track object's position, only the direction of Z axis.


You can directly set flares as a property of a Light Component, or set them up separately as Lens Flare component. If you attach them to a light, they will automatically track the position and direction of the light. To get more precise control, use this Component.

A Camera has to have a Flare Layer Component attached to make Flares visible (this is true by default, so you don't have to do any set-up).


Page last updated: 2008-05-30