Antialiasing (PostEffect)
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Antialiasing (PostEffect)

Antialiasing (PostEffect) is a collection of image based algorithms reduce aliasing (e.g. smoothen edges). This is very useful for deferred rendering where traditional multisampling is not properly supported. Current supported algorithms are NVIDIA's FXAA and FXAA II, simpler luminance based edge blurs (NFAA, SSAA) that blur local edges only and an adaption of the DLAA algorithm that also addresses long edges. SSAA is the fastest technique, followed by NFAA, FXAA II, DLAA and the the other FXAA's. The image quality is typically but not always in reversed order.

As with the other image effects, this effect is only available in Unity Pro. Make sure to have the Pro Standard Assets installed.


AA TechniqueThe algorithm to be used.

Hardware support

This effect requires a graphics card with pixel shaders (3.0) or OpenGL ES 2.0. PC: NVIDIA cards since 2004 (GeForce 6), AMD cards since 2005 (Radeon X1300), Intel cards since 2006 (GMA X3000); Mobile: OpenGL ES 2.0; Consoles: Xbox 360, PS3.

All image effects automatically disable themselves when they can not run on end-users graphics card.

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