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Other Settings


There are a number of options under the Terrain Settings button in the Terrain Inspector.

All additional Terrain Settings

Base Terrain

Pixel ErrorAmount of allowable errors in the display of Terrain Geometry. This is essentially a LOD setting.
Base Map Dist.The distance that Terrain Textures will be displayed in high-resolution.
Cast ShadowsShould terrain cast shadows?

Tree & Detail Settings

DrawIf enabled, all trees, grass, and detail meshes will be drawn.
Detail DistanceDistance from the camera that details will stop being displayed.
Tree DistanceDistance from the camera that trees will stop being displayed. The higher this is, the further-distance trees can be seen.
Billboard StartDistance from the camera that trees will start appearing as Billboards instead of Meshes.
Fade LengthTotal distance delta that trees will use to transition from Billboard orientation to Mesh orientation.
Max Mesh TreesTotal number of allowed mesh trees to be capped in the Terrain.

Wind Settings

SpeedThe speed that wind blows through grass.
SizeThe areas of grass that are affected by wind all at once.
BendingAmount that grass will bend due to wind.
Grass TintOverall tint amount for all Grass and Detail Meshes.


This feature is currently not available for iOS targets.


This feature is currently not available for Android targets.

Page last updated: 2010-09-07