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Leaf Group Properties


Leaf groups generate leaf geometry. Either from primitives or from user created meshes.


Adjusts the count and placement of leaves in the group. Use the curves to fine tune position, rotation and scale. The curves are relative to the parent branch.

Group SeedThe seed for this group of leaves. Modify to vary procedural generation.
FrequencyAdjusts the number of leaves created for each parent branch.
DistributionSelect the way the leaves are distributed along their parent.
TwirlTwirl around the parent branch.
Whorled StepDefines how many nodes are in each whorled step when using Whorled distribution. For real plants this is normally a Fibonacci number.
Growth ScaleDefines the scale of nodes along the parent node. Use the curve to adjust and the slider to fade the effect in and out.
Growth AngleDefines the initial angle of growth relative to the parent. Use the curve to adjust and the slider to fade the effect in and out.


Select what type of geometry is generated for this leaf group and which materials are applied. If you use a custom mesh, its materials will be used.

Geometry ModeThe type of geometry created. You can use a custom mesh, by selecting the Mesh option, ideal for flowers, fruits, etc.
MaterialMaterial used for the leaves.
MeshMesh used for the leaves.


Adjusts the shape and growth of the leaves.

SizeAdjusts the size of the leaves, use the range to adjust the minimum and the maximum size.
Perpendicular AlignAdjusts whether the leaves are aligned perpendicular to the parent branch.
Horizontal AlignAdjusts whether the leaves are aligned horizontally.


Adjusts the parameters used for animating this group of leaves. Wind zones are only active in Play Mode. If you select too high values for Main Wind and Main Turbulence the leaves may float away from the branches.

Main WindPrimary wind effect. Usually this should be kept as a low value to avoid leaves floating away from the parent branch.
Main TurbulenceSecondary turbulence effect. For leaves this should usually be kept as a low value.
Edge TurbulenceDefines how much wind turbulence occurs along the edges of the leaves.

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