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function GetComponentsInChildren (t : Type, includeInactive : boolean = false) : Component[]


Returns all components of Type type in the GameObject or any of its children.

For C# there is a generic version available.
Only active components are returned.

// Disable the spring on all HingeJoints
// in this game object and all its child game objects
var hingeJoints : HingeJoint[];
hingeJoints = GetComponentsInChildren (HingeJoint);
for (var joint : HingeJoint in hingeJoints) {
joint.useSpring = false;

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class example : MonoBehaviour {
public HingeJoint[] hingeJoints;
void Awake() {
hingeJoints = GetComponentsInChildren<HingeJoint>();
foreach (HingeJoint joint in hingeJoints) {
joint.useSpring = false;

import UnityEngine
import System.Collections

class example(MonoBehaviour):

public hingeJoints as (HingeJoint)

def Awake():
hingeJoints = GetComponentsInChildren[of HingeJoint]()
for joint as HingeJoint in hingeJoints:
joint.useSpring = false

function GetComponentsInChildren.<T> (includeInactive : boolean) : T[]


function GetComponentsInChildren.<T> () : T[]