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Particle Collider

The World Particle Collider is used to collide particles against other Colliders in the scene.

A Particle System colliding with a Mesh Collider


Bounce FactorParticles can be accelerated or slowed down when they collide against other objects. This factor is similar to the Particle Animator's Damping property.
Collision Energy LossAmount of energy (in seconds) a particle should lose when colliding. If the energy goes below 0, the particle is killed.
Min Kill VelocityIf a particle's Velocity drops below Min Kill Velocity because of a collision, it will be eliminated.
Collides withWhich Layers the particle will collide against.
Send Collision MessageIf enabled, every particle sends out a collision message that you can catch through scripting.


To create a Particle System with Particle Collider:

  1. Create a Particle System using GameObject->Create Other->Particle System
  2. Add the Particle Collider using Component->Particles->World Particle Collider


If Send Collision Message is enabled, any particles that are in a collision will send the message OnParticleCollision() to both the particle's GameObject and the GameObject the particle collided with.


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