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Terrain Engine Guide

This section will explain how to use the Terrain Engine. It will cover creation, technical details, and other considerations. It is broken into the following sections:

Using Terrains

This section covers the most basic information about using Terrains. This includes creating Terrains and how to use the new Terrain tools & brushes.


This section explains how to use the different tools and brushes that alter the Height of the Terrain.

Terrain Textures

This section explains how to add, paint and blend Terrain Textures using different brushes.


This section contains important information for creating your own tree assets. It also covers adding and painting trees on your Terrain.


This section explains how grass works, and how to use it.

Detail Meshes

This section explains practical usage for detail meshes like rocks, haystacks, vegetation, etc.


You can lightmap terrains just like any other objects using Unity's built-in lightmapper. See Lightmapping Quickstart for help.

Other Settings

This section covers all the other settings associated with Terrains.


Due to performance hit, Terrain Engine usage is discouraged on pre-ipad2 devices.


Due to performance hit, Terrain Engine usage is discouraged on non high-end devices.

Page last updated: 2011-06-09